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Photo of Senior Walking on Icey Sidewalk with WalkerWe are collecting information about the conditions encountered by winter walkers in Winnipeg during the winter of 2016-2017. We invite you to participate in providing an assessment of the walking conditions of a specific location that you have experienced today.

Faculty in the Department of Geography at the University of Winnipeg have been involved in research about winter walking for several years. The physical conditions of walking surfaces in winter are very difficult to measure, and there is very limited research in this area. Further understanding would assist in informing winter pedestrians about potentially dangerous walking conditions, as well as municipal governments about improved snow-clearing practices and policy.


Photo of Person's Feet, Walking on SidewalkWe are asking for your assistance in collecting information about winter walking conditions so that we can get as many assessments as possible from across the city and throughout the winter. Your participation in this project will help us gain knowledge that will assist cities in creating safer winter conditions for pedestrians.

Please feel free to participate in this survey multiple times throughout the winter, as walkway conditions change in response to weather, snow clearing and traffic.  The more data we are able to collect, the better picture we will have of what affects winter walking conditions in Winnipeg.

Participation in this study is voluntary and the only information that is required is the rating of the walkway’s level of difficulty and the type and location of the walking surface you are assessing. There are two further sets of questions about the description of the winter walkway conditions and personal information about your walking ability that are optional.

All information that you provide will be confidential. We do not retain any personal identification about you. A randomly generated assessment number will be provided at the end of the assessment. This number will be attached to the information you provide.

Please note that you do not have to reply to any questions that you do not feel comfortable answering. You may also choose to withdraw the information provided to us at any time while participating in the winter walking assessment or during the study period in the winter of 2016-2017. To do so, please contact the research team via the email address provided below and request that your information be withdrawn based on your randomly generated assessment number.

If you wish to contact the researchers about participating in the study or your inputted information, please use the assessment number provided to you.

The researchers can be contacted at In addition, if you have any concerns about the conduct of the study that the researchers were unable to address, you may contact the University Human Research Ethics Board Program Officer by email at

When you click the button below, it will indicate your consent to participate in the study and take you to the first stage of rating the walking surface.


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