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Senior Scholar

Bob Stock

Dr. Robert Stock (retired)

Department of Geography
University of Winnipeg
515 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 2E9



B.A. ( Western Ontario )
M.A. ( Michigan State )
Ph.D. ( Liverpool )

Areas of Interest:
African Regional Geography
Society, Environment and Development
Health Geography

Research Interests:
Regional Geography of Africa south of the Sahara
Health and underdevelopment in Africa
Hausa Indigenous medicine
Colonial photographic representation of Africa

Selected Publications:
Stock, R. (2008). “Production strategies: artisan production”. In The New Encyclopedia of Africa (2 nd edition).

Stock, R. (2004). Africa south of the Sahara : a Geographical Interpretation (2 nd edition). New York : Guilford Publications, 477 pp.

Stock, R. (1995). Africa south of the Sahara : a Geographical Interpretation. New York : Guilford Press, 1995, 435 pp. (Paperback editions in 1995 by Longman UK and 1998 by Guilford Press).

Stock, R., and C. Anyinam (1992). “National governments and health service policy in Africa ”. In D.A. Itavyar and T. Falola, eds. The Politics of Health in Africa . Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, pp. 279-292.

Stock, R. (1986). “Disease and development or the underdevelopment of health? Critical perspectives on Third World health issues”. Social Science and Medicine, vol. 23, pp. 689-700.

Stock, R. (1985). “Islamic medicine in rural Hausaland”. In B.M. duToit and I. Abdalla, eds. African Healing Strategies . Buffalo : Trado-Medic Books, pp. 29-46.

Stock, R. (1985). “Health care for some: a Nigerian study of who gets what, where, and why?” International Journal of Health Services , vol. 15, pp. 469-484.

Stock, R. (1983). “Distance and the utilization of health care facilities in rural Nigeria ”. Social Science and Medicine , vol. 17, pp. 563-570.

Stock, R. (1976). Cholera in Africa: Diffusion of the Disease, with Special Reference to West Africa . London : International African Institute, 127 pp. (Republished by LIT Verlag, Munster-Hamburg, 1998 with International African Institute in the Classics in African Anthropology Series).


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