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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Evelyn Peters
(Professor and Canada Research Chair in Inner-City Issues, Community Learning, and Engagement)

Office: Institute of Urban Studies
Phone: (204) 982-1148
Fax: (204) 943-4695


Ph.D., Queen's University
M.A., Queen's University
B.A. (Honours), University of Winnipeg

Courses (2011-2012):
GEOG-2415(3) Introduction to Urban Development
GEOG-2416(3) Sex, Gender, Space and Place

Areas of Interest:
Urban Geography
Social Geography

Research Interests:
Aboriginal People and Urbanization in Canada and Internationally
Community-based Research
Inner City Issues

Selected Publications:
Peters, E.J. (ed.) (forthcoming). Fields of Governance #1: Making Urban Aboriginal Policy in Canada . Kingston and Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Peters, E.J. (forthcoming). Aboriginal Public Policy in Urban Areas: An Introduction. In: Fields of Governance #1: Making Urban Aboriginal Policy in Canada , Evelyn Peters (ed.). Kingston and Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Peters, E.J. 2010. Aboriginal People in Canadian Cities. In: Canadian Cities in Transition: New Directions in the Twenty-First Century . 4th edition. Trudi Bunting, Pierre Filion, and Ryan Walker (eds.) Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press (375-390).

Peters, E.J. 2009. Aboriginal Peoples in Urban Areas. In: Urban Canada: Sociological Perspectives , H. Hiller (ed.), Don Mills, ON: Oxford University Press (156-174)

Peters, E.J. with the Prince Albert Grand Council Urban Services Inc. 2009 “Everything You Want Is There”: The Place of the Reserve in First Nations' Homeless Mobility. Urban Geography 30, 4:1-29.

Peters, E.J. and T.A. McCreary. 2009 Poor Neighbourhoods and the Changing Geography of Food Retailing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, 1984-2004. Canadian Journal of Urban Research , 18, 1:78-106.

Peters, E.J. 2008. Métis Populations in Canada: Some Implications of Settlement Patterns and Characteristics. Native Studies Review 17, 2:19-44.

Wouters, S.L. and E.J. PetersJ. 2008. Urban Aboriginal Settlement Patterns and the Distribution of Housing Characteristics in Prairie Cities, 2001. Prairie Perspectives , 10:30-46.

Starchenko, O. and E.J. Peters. 2008. Aboriginal Settlement Patterns in Canadian Cities: Does the classic index-based approach apply? Environment and Planning A 40, 676-697.

Johnson, J. T., G. Cant, R. Howitt, E. J. Peters (eds.), 2007. Geographical Research: Journal of the Institute of Australian Geographers , 45 (2):117-210.

Peters, E.J. and V. Robillard, 2007. Urban Hidden Homelessness and Reserve Housing. In: Aboriginal Policy Research , J.P. White, P. Maxim and D. Beavon (eds.). Toronto: Thompson Educational Publishing Inc. (189-206).

Peters, E.J. 2007. First Nations and Métis people and diversity in Canadian cities. In: Belonging? Diversity, Recognition and Shared Citizenship in Canada , K. Banting, T.J. Courchene, and F. Leslie Seidle (eds.). Ottawa: Institute for Research on Public Policy (207-246)

Peters, E.J. 2006. Geographies of Urban Aboriginal People in Canada. Implications for Urban Self-Government. In: State of the Federation 2003 , M. Murphy (ed.). Kingston, Ontario: Institute of Intergovernmental Relations, Queen's University. (39-76)

Peters, E.J. 2006. “[W]e do not lose our treaty rights outside the … reserve”: Challenging the Scales of Social Service Provision for First Nations Women in Canadian Cities. Geojournal , 65:315-327.

Koschade, B. and E.J. Peters. 2006. Aboriginal Notions of Jurisdiction: Inserting Indigenous Voices into Legal Spaces. Geografiska Annaler . 3, 88B:299-310.

Peters, E.J. and O. Starchenko. 2006. Changes in Aboriginal Settlement Patterns in Two Canadian Cities: A comparison to Immigrant Settlement Models. Canadian Journal of Urban Research , 14, 2:315-337.

Peters, E.J. 2005. Progress in Planning: Indigeneity and Marginalisation: Planning for and with Urban Aboriginal Communities in Canada . 63 (4):325-404.

Wilson, K and E.J. Peters. 2005 ”You can make a place for it.” Remapping Urban First Nations Spaces of Identity. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space , 23:395-413.


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