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Physical Geography Courses

GEOG-4231(3) TOPICS IN BIOGEOGRAPHY (S3) This course provides a synthesis of the geographical aspects in the development and concepts within biogeography and shows how descriptions or analysis of the delicate balances within the biosphere can be approached through the use of ecological principles. Particular attention will be given to inadvertent modification of the biosphere. (This course alternates with GEOG-4232(3).
Prerequisites: 6 credit hours from GEOG-2215(3), or GEOG-2216(3) GEOG-2218(3), or GEOG-2219(3) or the former GEOG-2201 or the former GEOG-

GEOG-4232(3) CONSERVATION (S3) Humans have affected, and are still affecting adversely the natural-biological resources such as water, soils, biota, and natural ecosystems. This seminar will examine such topics as sustainable development, biological diversity, soil erosion, agroforestry, forestry, and ecosystem destruction, in order to better understand both the problems and potential solutons. Public-government attitudes towards conservation of our biological resources also will be examined. (This course alternates with GEOG-4231(3).
Prerequisites: GEOG-3215(3), or GEOG-2213(3) and GEOG-2214(3) and permission of the instructor, or the former GEOG-2203(6) and the permission of the instructor.

GEOG-4702(3) DIRECTED READINGS IN PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY (P) This course exposes students to contemporary and topical issues of physical geography through authoritative readings compiled by the instructor. The student is required to produce a short dissertation.
Prerequisite: Permission of the Department Chair.

GEOG-4801(3) GEOGRAPHY FIELD SEMINAR (P) This course deals with the practical methodologies and problems in field research. Students will be introduced to the necessary skills required for the acquisition, analyses, and presentation of primary field data. In addition to oral and written presentations of their research, students are required to participate in an intensive 10 day field camp at an off-campus venue prior to the start of Fall Term lectures. Students should consult with the Chair of the Geography Department regarding the availability of this course and the location of the field camp.
Prerequisites: GEOG-3330(3) and permission of the instructor.
Restrictions: Honours Form Required.

GEOG-4901(6) HONOURS GEOGRAPHY THESIS (P) The Honours thesis provides the student with the opportunity to design and complete an original research project on a subject of interest and relevant to the discipline. In addition to completing the project, students in this course are expected to participate in a series of meetings throughout the academic year and make an oral presentation of the results of their research in April.
Prerequisites: GEOG-3330(3), 36 credit hours in Geography, Geography GPA of 3.0, and permission of the Department Chair.
Restrictions: Honours Form Required.

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